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Image Review Engine builds on Algospark's success in delivering advertising image and labels compliance tools. It is a flexible, bespoke AI image review and compliance framework that is offered as as an API that links to content management systems. The service helps organisations check images for rules compliance and generate image meta tags. This means image checks can be performed throughout an image workflow which stops bad early and saves downstream checking processes and rework.

Image Review Engine is used by:

  •  Legal teams responsible for label review and compliance.
  •  Design and conten management teams.
  •  Product teams working with labels.


  •  Flexible integration with existing systems.
  •  Comply with rules and standards.
  •  Consistent framework and remove subjectivity.
  •  Reduce image review processing time.
  •  Reduce wasted image design and production spend.

How does it work?

We work with clients to develop rules and image checks they need to serve their needs. Our existing library of rules covers a wide range of industries with a deep library of rules and capabilities. We have already developed hundreds of rules spanning food, drink and health.

Our Image Review Engine service is also flexible enough to auto-generate image meta-tags. These can be customised by clients so that time spent manually adding tags is reduced. Good quality meta-tags also significantly improve image search results.

The Image Review Engine API is delivered using a secure, scaleable container based solution. As part of the service, we also deliver analytics database solutions based on image reviews. Image Review Engine is offered on a set-up, service fee and update fee basis. We design and deliver Image Review Engine to cost effectively meet bespoke image review requirements of our clients.

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