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Co-ordinated Customer Voice brings together disparate data sources and maps meaning to customer interactions to deliver actionable analysis and recommendations.
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We bring together reviews, social media, email, CRM and other customer interaction data. Using applied AI, we map meaning and sentiment so that you know the most important “what, when and where” from all your feedback sources. This allows our clients to understand the most important elements of customer feedback and prioritise development plans and response strategies. In addition to listening to your customer voice, we are also able to benchmark feedback relative to competitors so that clients can understand their relative positioning for customer voice analytics.

Value from co-ordinated customer voice framework:

  • Aggregated customer feedback linked to the “what, when, where” of customer experience.
  • Maps insights to actions for service delivery teams.
  • Easily customised with links to a broad range of datasets.
  • Can be extended to benchmark with competitors.
  • Rapid development and fleixlble solutions.

We use numerous natural language processing techniques to quantify sentiment and map meaning to customer interactions. Core elements of Co-ordinated Customer Voice is parts of speech tagging and sentiment, ie what is being discussed in a positive and negative way. We capture this with the following metrics:

  • Response sentiment = (positive word count in response – negative word count in response) / total sentiment words in response. Range +100% to -100%.
  • Word net sentiment = (positive sentiment count – negative sentiment count ) / total sentiment count. Range +100% to -100%.
  • Word weighted sentiment = Word net sentiment * (word count / total count).

Below is a simple example using purely customer reviews. It shows meaning and feeling is being tracked over time. It helps identify perceptions on key elements of customer service and how this is evolving over time.

Please get in touch to discuss how customer voice analytics can help you.

Example dashboard using Trust Pilot and Google customer reviews

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