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Rising costs, lower consumer spending power and shortage of hospitality workers means there is an increased focus on customer experience and operational efficiency. This is against a backdrop of a sector transition to digital services, an evolving post pandemic high street and increasingly vocal customers.


Improving customer experience is core for the eateries sector. Applied AI can help increase revenue opportunities and reduce costs. AI brings together the best from data, maths and technology to automate processes and make much better informed and consistent decisions. These opportunities include choosing the best sites for expansion, customer experience optimisation and operational efficiency, AI plays a key role in giving innovative eateries a competitive edge.

Our Approach

Successful AI projects have clear specific goals. Algospark specialise in short, targeted projects that deliver clear business benefits. We work with our clients to scope, prototype, optimise, build and pilot. We are agile, fast to deliver and are a great addition to your internal teams.

Eateries Sector Frameworks

Location Spark
Location Spark is a decision support framework for new site investment. It predicts sales, store characteristics and trading patterns for locations throughout the UK. Location Spark presents new site forecasts and key location metrics by bringing together numerous data sources and applied artificial intelligence. Location Spark is a proven and powerful tool that helps make better and faster new site selection decisions.
Data Driven Hospitality
Forecasting frameworks that combine sales forecasting, ordering, production and staffing. They enable a co-ordinated approach to operations that drives sales and aligns resources to deliver great customer service and employee satisfaction.
Automated Activity Tracking
Automated Activity Tracking is a suite of computer vision tracking solutions that capture activities in and around physical locations. It covers site activity, customer experience, display activity, production and labour activities.
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Azure Proactive Customer Management
A Microsoft Azure Proactive Customer Management solution that brings together AI, Azure and customer management. Targets increased revenue per customer, increased customer satisfaction and a reduction in customer churn.
Co-ordinated Customer Voice
Customer feedback framework that brings together disparate data sources and maps meaning to customer interactions to deliver actionable analysis and recommendations.
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