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We help you get more from your data. Next Generation Analytics and helps clients move from reporting to next generation predictive and prescriptive models. Or put more simply, move from "what happened" to "what is going to happen and what should we do".
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In an era where digital innovation is not just an advantage but a necessity, Algospark stands at the forefront, guiding companies through their initial steps into the world of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Our focus is on simplifying this journey, ensuring a seamless and effective transition into AI-enhanced operations. Next Generation Analytics starts with a prioritised roadmap for how to evolve analytics and begin to drive value from applied AI. Algospark design and build your early dashboards and AI-enabled tools. We do this by bringing together the best approaches from data management, dashboarding, AI solution building and software development.

Who it helps

  • Organisation or division leaders looking to drive a data driven innovation agenda.
  • Transformation leads looking to accelerate delivery.
  • Finance teams looking to move away from disparate spreadsheets and ad-hoc
  • Operations teams seeking process efficiencies and innovative new ways of working.


  • Prioritised roadmap for data, dashboards and application development
  • Enable self service insights that reduce the need for ad-hoc analytics work
  • Discover and prioritise opportunities and actions using applied AI
  • Drive value from process efficiency
  • Develop new innovative services

What we do

  • Work with stakeholders to align requirements to the design of a roadmap for data,
    dashboards and application development.
  • Delivery of early dashboards and data pipelines.
  • Upskill clients data and analytics teams to improve competencies in dashboarding,
    data engineering and data analytics.
  • Design and deliver new services and processes using applied AI.

How we deliver

Many organisations know they have lots of data and also know they are not getting the most from it. Our Next Generation Analytics and AI service maps together processes, roles, technology and data. This allows us to design and architect a prioritised data, dashboarding and application development roadmap. In phase one, we typically work alongside existing client analytics teams to deliver the first few dashboards. We then move onto design and delivery of applied AI solutions to accelerate innovation and drive process efficiencies.

Next Generation Analytics and AI uses a data driven design approach and then develop solutions using a business agile process. We combine the best elements of service design, pragmatic data science and financial evaluation. Our expertise and wide portfolio of frameworks means that we can quickly launch and iterate new solutions.

Get in touch so that we can help you get started on your Next Generation Analytics journey.

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