Applied AI Frameworks

Our frameworks are used to help organisations quickly implement innovative solutions. This helps grow business, drive efficiencies, improve customer service and increase employee satisfaction.

Sales, Product and Process

Retail Cube & Data Driven Hospitality
Forecasting frameworks that combine sales forecasting, ordering, production and staffing. They enable a co-ordinated approach to operations that drives sales and aligns resources to deliver great customer service and employee satisfaction.
Dynamic Pricing Optimisation
Applied machine learning framework to optimise opening and closing of available pricing tiers. Targets 1-3% revenue uplift from optimising balance between increasing demand and increasing average sale price.
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Product Recommender
Product Recommender solutions to identify the products that customers are most likely to buy. Using hybrid collaborative filtering, products are prioritised based on the probability of customer purchase. This helps revenue uplift (1-2%) and determine product recommendations as part of churn mitigation activities.
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Product Portfolio Analytics
Interactive product portfolio analytics tool that uses market basket analysis and a sales inference engine to determine product opportunities and their impact on the product portfolio. Targets 1-2% sales increase and 1-2% gross margin uplift from portfolio pricing efficiencies.
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Product Investment Profiler
A product portfolio dashboard to align product investment decisions across multiple projects, businesses and geographies. Targets 25% reduction in analyst time and faster project approval processes.
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Fraud Detection
Machine learning to detect potential fraudulent activities. Optimises statistical detection techniques and balances against the business value of preventing fraud versus the cost of incorrect account deactivation. Targets 20-40% value add from fraud prevention and detection activities.
Predictive Maintenance
A machine learning framework to predict opportunities and challenges across business operations. Uses event classification and outcome rules to target increases in process efficiency.
Core Insights
Core Insights : Algospark Core Insights allows clients to get more from data. We reviewing analytics, design development roadmaps and deliver dashboarding capabilities using PowerBI.
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Customer Experience

Azure Proactive Customer Management
A Microsoft Azure Proactive Customer Management solution that brings together AI, Azure and customer management. Targets increased revenue per customer, increased customer satisfaction and a reduction in customer churn.
Co-ordinated Customer Voice
Customer feedback framework that brings together disparate data sources and maps meaning to customer interactions to deliver actionable analysis and recommendations.
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Churn Prediction
Churn Prediction solutions to identify customers that are most likely to stop trading. The probability of a customer leaving is determined and "Value at Risk" calculated so that customer churn mitigation activities can be implemented. This helps revenue retention (1-3%) and reduce average spend on new customer acquisition (5-10%). A simple PowerBI example of model outputs can be found here .
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Xuuu Customer Insights Framework
A customer insights framework for understanding what matters, why it matters and what should be done. Targets increased sales and reduction in customer churn.
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Verbatim Feedback Quantification
A verbatim insights quantification tool for capturing, aggregating, summarising and prioritising actions from verbatim feedback. Expected sales conversation rate increase of 5-10% and churn reduction rate of 10-15%. Forms part of the Xuuu Customer Insights Framework.
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Customer Personality Profiler
A customer personality profiling engine for designing customer experiences based on user preferences and personality types. Expected sales conversion rate increase of 5-10%. Forms part of the Xuuu Customer Insights Framework.
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Customer Service AI
Use of artificial intelligence to recommend actions to customer service specialists. Targets 20% increase in customer response productivity.


Advertising Compliance
An AI driven image review solution. Advertising Compliance brings together a suite of computer vision algorithms that 1) read and interpret text, 2) identify and describe objects in pictures and 3) use content style filters to identify content themes. Delivers consistent image review and compliance processes. Targets 75% saving from approval process reduction time, and savings from wasted content production spend.
Automated Activity Tracking
Automated Activity Tracking is a suite of computer vision tracking solutions that capture activities in and around physical locations. It covers site activity, customer experience, display activity, production and labour activities.
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Label Checker
An automated labels review tool to check new label designs comply with rules and regulations. Provides a consistent framework and reduces review time.
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Vision UK Image Review
An AI powered image review tool for checking compliance with UK advertising rules. Vision UK is currently in beta mode with development partners.
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Image Review Engine
An AI powered image review engine offered as an API service for checking compliance with advertising, labeling and document rules.
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Neural Network Art
Generating amazing images using neural style transfer. Built for exploring new images and artwork using deep learning techniques to combine content images and style images.
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Word Predictor
A word prediction tool trained on tweets, blogs and news articles. Built as a foundation for Natural Language Processing (NLP) projects such as document classification and automated user interaction responses.
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Location Analytics

Location Spark
Location Spark is a decision support framework for new site investment. It predicts sales, store characteristics and trading patterns for locations throughout the UK. Location Spark presents new site forecasts and key location metrics by bringing together numerous data sources and applied artificial intelligence. Location Spark is a proven and powerful tool that helps make better and faster new site selection decisions.
Cluster Analytics and Sales Inference
Cluster analysis tool to determine store clusters and new store sales patterns using information from across an existing network of stores. It is also used for sales target setting and determining relative performance.
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Map Explorer
Map Explorer is an interactive visualisation tool. It has been designed for use on large screens and for presenting snapshots to compliment wider location analytics projects.
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Hexagon View
Deck GL hexagon view of eateries across the UK. Used as a framework to complement wider location analytics projects.
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Crime Predictor
Crime Predictor pre-processes all reported crimes over 3 years in the UK to predict where and when crimes are expected to take place. This tool feeds investment decision frameworks to improve outcomes regarding new properties and new business locations.
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Crime Explorer
Crime Explorer is a large screen interactive visualisation tool to explore UK crime patterns. It has been designed to present snapshot views to compliment wider location analytics projects.
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Postcode Finder
Postcode Finder is a tool to find and explore the distribution and proximity of UK postcodes. It is used to find postcodes from approximate locations and is a useful companion application for geo-location intelligence tools.
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Location Dashboards
Location dashboards help screen and evaluate potential new sales locations. Developed as early prototypes of Location Spark, location dashboards help fast track new site decisions. They reduce analysis time (20-40%) and improve location decision outcomes.
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Adult Social Care Assessment Profiler
A classification and feedback tool to streamline adult social care needs assessments. Ensures consistent needs classification, ongoing wellbeing feedback and predictions of future needs. Targets 40% process time savings, and cost savings from reducing future hospital visits.
Care Package Allocator
A prototype care supplier selection algorithm for care commissioners. Ensures suppliers are prioritized and selected faster to reduce care brokerage requirements. Expected 25% brokerage processing time savings.
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Accelerated Childrens Education, Health & Care Plans
A prototype Digital EHCP for children's social care specialists. Developed by Social Kemistri to deliver 25% process efficiencies. Brings together NLP algos, clustering and outcomes prediction.
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Special Education Needs Data Exploration
An exploratory data tool covering children's special education needs in England using SEN2 data 2014-2019.
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Build My Round
A scheduling and team resource optimisation tool for private tutoring, home care delivery and other time slot based services delivered to homes. Targets 10% cost efficiency savings.


Machine Reading
An automated report reading tool that maps report content, context and meaning. Helps users prioritise which reports to read (or not) and why. Helps identify and prioritise new opportunities, and save time reading reports with low relevance.
Deal Support Framework
Deal Support Services : help clients get the most out of data and AI for new acquisitions. Our specialists work with corporate acquirers, funds and private equity as part of the due diligence process and with post deal development teams.
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