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These images are examples of neural style transfer.

They are created using Gatys et al. 2015 algorithm ("A Neural Algorithm of Artistic Style") that minimizes a cost function that combines image content and image style. The images are generated using Tensorflow convolutional neural network libraries and a 19 layer VGG CNN trained by the MatConvNet team. Special thanks to for code frameworks and inspiration.

Content 1: Rey d'Aragon Steps in Bonefacio
Style 1: Cliff near Fecamp by Monet
Generated 1: Steps in Bonefacio by Monet
Content 2: Trumpet playing robot
Style 2: The Scream by Munch
Generated 2: Screaming robot trumpet
Content 3: Darren Wilkinson at the Tokyo Sky Tree
Style 3: Pablo Picasso self portrait (1917)
Generated 3: Picasso styled Wilkinson
Content 4: Crowd at Roland Garros
Style 4: Le Moulin de la Galette Pierre Auguste by Renior
Generated 4: Roland Renior
Content 5: Broadway Tower, Cotswolds, England
Style 5: Starry Night by Van Gogh
Generated 5: Starry Broadway Tower
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