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We enable clients to drive innovation by discovering new opportunities and exploring new ways of working. Our experience and ongoing research ensure that we reduce the complexity of developing leading edge AI solutions.
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Step into the future and explore the art of the possible with bespoke AI tools! We enable clients to take the lead with innovative new tools that drive value.

Examples of Leading Edge AI

  • Image and document compliance checking - check a document for compliance with a list of rules and automatically generate a compliance report.
  • Understand and synthesize verbatim customer feedback
  • Automated inventory monitoring using computer vision
  • Document synthesis and automated report generation: quickly understand and aggregate key insights that are summarised as an automatically generated report
  • Automated customer interaction agents - trained on client specific data and offerings to provide the best responses for automated customer engagement.

Development considerations

  • Responsible
  • Value driven
  • Proven
  • Scalable

Who it helps

  • Innovative organisation or division leaders
  • R&D, innovation and business transformation teams
  • Operations teams seeking process efficiencies and innovative new ways of working.


  • Better customer experiences.
  • Products and services with higher levels of efficacy and efficiency.
  • Superior business decision making (using predictive and prescriptive analytics).
  • Employees that focus on more exciting and more productive work.
  • More efficient interaction with suppliers and other stakeholders.
  • Self-learning systems that improve over time.
  • Competitive advantage.

What we do

  • Work with stakeholders to derive requirements
  • Design and deliver early prototypes for piloting
  • Develop and deliver solutions
  • Manage, support and develop product roadmaps

How we deliver

Applied AI is an exciting, fast evolving space. There are a wide range of models and approaches used by AI and machine learning practitioners. We use an optimal mix of approaches spanning generative AI, re-enforcement learning, natural language processing, computer vision, regressions, tree based models, gradient boosting, neural networks and deep learning models.

We combine our applied AI expertise with data management and software development to ensure that solutions are implemented in the best possible way. We begin from a user centric perspective, use a data driven design approach and then develop prototypes using a business agile process. We combine the best elements of service design, pragmatic data science, software development and financial evaluation. Our expertise and wide portfolio of frameworks means that we can quickly launch and iterate new solutions.

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